Antiquarian Rowland Ward Books. Includes a complete set of Records of Big Game 1892-2006!

We recently came across a large collection of Rowland Ward Ltd. Publications from the Golden Era of Rowland Ward and big-game hunting, for that matter.  They are offered here by in the PDF with detailed descriptions as well as condition and price. Some of the highlights include a copy of Prince Emil Demifdoff’s  AFTER WILD SHEEP IN THE ALTAI AND MONGOLIA, Count Potocki’s SPORT IN SOMALIAND ,  the ultra-rare THE ELEPHANT IN EAST CENTRAL AFRICA by  Dr. W.C. Osmon Hill of which less than 50 copies were published by Rowland Ward in the 1950s.  And finally, last but probably most remarkable is an ENTIRE collection of RECORDS OF BIG GAME from the first edition of 1892 till the 27th edition of 2006.  All in original colorful cloths, in very good plus conditions.  A rare opportunity to get all editions in one go.  See item number 26 on the PDF list.   Please contact Carrie Zrelak at for details.  Her phone number is USA 714-894-9080, extension 11.



We have uploaded the new fillable PDF entry forms for 11 Rowland Ward Methods!  Have a look at our site

Method 1, Deer without palmation and crowns.

Method 3, Fallow deer.

Method 5, Pigs and hippos

Method 7, Horned animals and single antlered deer.

Method 8, Spiral horned antelope, addax, black buck.

Method 12, African buffalo, wildebeest.

Method 13, Black wildebeest.

Method 15, Rhinos

Method 16, Elephant

Method 17, Skulls for cats, bears etc.

Method 18, Crocodilians.

We will be uploading more and hope to have all methods available as editable PDFs by spring 2017.


This month we will start shipping the new measuring kits!  Each official Rowland Ward Measuring Kit contains a travel-size measuring tape, a measuring cable with clip, 10-inch-long calipers, an 8 by 12 inch measuring square, complete measuring instructions, a Rowland Ward field notebook, and a Rowland Ward stainless steel pen. These implements are encased in a custom-made leather-and-canvas Rowland Ward satchel that was created for us by the Boyt Harness Company.  The kit also includes a Rowland Ward embroidered patch.  $85.00 plus shipping.  Order yours today at or by calling 714-894-9080 extension 11.


New Category of Introduced Rusa Deer from Africa Approved.


New Category of Introduced Rusa Deer from Africa Approved

The editors of Rowland Ward Ltd  are pleased to announce they have established a new category for Rowland Ward’s Records of Big Game: rusa deer from Mauritius.  Although rusa deer were not originally found on this island, a one-time Dutch possession, they were introduced in 1639 by then-governor Adrian Van Der Stel.  This is very likely the oldest transplanted population of rusa deer in the world and marks one of the very first times large game animals were purposely introduced to a new area.  A healthy population exists in several reserves on Mauritius; so far, mostly Europeans have hunted here.  This great stag, which has a main beam in the mid-30-inch range, was recently entered in Rowland Ward’s Records of Big Game.  We are pleased to receive it and hope many more will follow.

New Rowland Ward General Measuring Instructions.

The new and updated RW General Measuring Instructions are available in PDF. You can click here (PDF form) and immediately download the form. It is also available under Rowland Ward’s Methods of Measurement.

For more information on the measuring process, go to the Measurement page and view the various PDFs available under Rowland Ward’s Methods of Measurement.

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