Frederik Brys

ab Frederik BRYS cropped

Born in 1974 in Belgium, Frederik Brys grew up in the countryside, in probably the best region for small-game shooting that Belgium has to offer, namely in the French-speaking province of Hainaut, close to the border with France.

His passion for horse riding introduced him to the local small-game shooting community. It was there he first became a beater and gunbearer and then at the legal age of eighteen a hunter. These activities allowed him to wander for countless hours in pursuit of partridges and pheasants.

While obtaining his master’s degrees in law (Catholic University of Leuven) and finance (Vlerick Business School), he became an avid collector of worldwide hunting books, spending many pleasurable hours in antiquarian bookshops collecting rare and out-of-print European hunting books. This was before the Internet had revolutionized the whole business.

It is through his passion for reading hunting books that back in the 1990s he happened on hunting tales published in post-Cold War Russia and the CIS. Stunned by these great new stories on hunting wild sheep and ibexes in this new Russian era, he immediately started learning Russian, his fifth language, in order to better get to know that magnificent Euro-Asian continent. So, after graduating from law school, he applied to work for a newly created Russian branch of a top French law firm in Moscow, which offered him the opportunity to travel and hunt there.

After gaining his first professional experience, Frederik received a grant, the prestigious Prince Albert Fund Award, from the King Baudouin Foundation, which gave him the opportunity to work (and thus to hunt!) in former Czechoslovakia.

After his grant was over, he decided to return to Belgium instead of continuing to work for big international firms abroad.  It was time for him to help expand the family business. After selling his first company, Frederik became a full-time investor in small and midsize companies, an international hunter, and a collector of fine hunting books and vintage taxidermy, mainly from Rowland Ward and Van Ingen & Van Ingen.

Engaged in upholding the legacy of the late Rowland Ward, who was the first to set the standard for a record book, Frederik has lately been appointed Official Measurer and member of the Advisory Board of Rowland Ward.