Congratulations to Michel Mantheakis Safaris for DSC’s Outfitter of the Year

Michel and Nicole

Congratulations to Michel Mantheakis Safaris, a Rowland Ward Fair Chase Outfitter, on being named DSC’s 2019 Outfitter of the Year.

“Michel Mantheakis Safaris has earned the honor of being selected as DSC’s Outfitter of the Year,” DSC Executive Director Corey Mason, said. “Their reputation as a premier safari operator is well known, and Michel is a great ambassador for conservation and the Conservation Through Hunting model.”

The prestigious award will be presented at the event that kicks off the 2019 DSC convention in Dallas, Texas—the Welcome Party and Auction on Wednesday evening, Jan. 16, 2019, at Gilley’s. The Convention and Expo opens the following day and runs through Sunday, Jan. 20. Michel Mantheakis Safaris will be exhibiting at the convention at booth #2015.

The success of Michel Mantheakis Safaris derives from the vision of both Michel Mantheakis and his wife, Nicole. Established in 2010, their family-owned company promotes ethical hunting and conservation, and markets to discerning hunters.

“It was a joint dream to own and operate a hunting company based on strong conservation principles, maximum anti-poaching effort, luxury service and corporate social responsibility,” Michel Mantheakis said.

Michel Mantheakis’s reputation is based on his academic background in zoology and wildlife science, his passion for hunting and conservation, and more than thirty years of experience hunting in Tanzania. Nicole is the general manager, making sure the operation continues toward their conservation-driven goals on both the local and broad scale. They cater to a clientele that cares about conservation and prefers to hunt with an outfitter who not only works tirelessly to get the best quality trophies, but who also truly believes in and practices conservation.

Their commitment to anti-poaching initiatives and community development extend beyond the lands they personally manage. Mantheakis is a strong international advocate for the hunting community as Chairman of Tanzania Hunting Operators Association (TAHOA) in Africa and around the world. Learn more about their operation at

Wild Sheep Journal Fall 2018 – James Reed


We are proud to announce that James Reed, our director of Marketing, Sales, and Licensing for Sports Afield, Rowland Ward, and Sports Afield Trophy Properties just made the cover of the Fall 2018 issue of Wild Sheep magazine.  James, a life member of the Wild Sheep Foundation, recently had the opportunity to go on an exploratory hunt into an area that hadn’t had a sheep tag in fifteen years.  The prize was this 11½-year-old Dall sheep ram in Alaska’s Brooks Range.  Congratulations James!

Supporting Conservation Force

Sat Night John and Chrissie Jackson
Conservation Force founders John and Chrissie Jackson.

Rowland Ward is proud to be a corporate sponsor of Conservation Force.

In keeping with its strong support of and focus on wildlife conservation efforts around the world, Rowland Ward Ltd. is proud to announce it is now a corporate sponsor of Conservation Force.

The mission of Conservation Force is the conservation of wildlife and wild places. Conservation Force stands for three forces. First, that hunters and anglers are an indispensable and essential force for wildlife conservation. Second, that Conservation Force is a collaborative effort combining forces of a consortium of organizations and, third, that Conservation Force itself is a proactive force to be reckoned with because of its record of conservation successes.

“Conservation Force has been very selective about our corporate sponsors,” the organization said in a statement. “The mission of Rowland Ward is to help preserve and increase the habitat of (large) fauna worldwide by supporting sustainable fair-chase hunting with a direct benefit to the local indigenous people of the areas involved. To further this goal, Rowland Ward maintains an accurate and credible database of measurements of big-game animals from Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Oceania that have been hunted only under the highest fair-chase standards. This fits well with Conservation Force.”

Conservation Force is the culmination of four decades of pro bono wildlife conservation advocacy. It began as a law firm conducting minor pro bono legal services in the early 1970s. By the early 1990s, the firm began achieving an unprecedented number of victories for traditional conservation interests around the world. During that period, the law firm became an around-the-clock international communication headquarters and advocacy “war room” for governmental and sportsmen’s conservation organizations. The firm provided services that led to a great number of conservation and bio-political successes, including the Elephant Initiative, Mozambique Leopard Initiative, and importation of horn from darted black rhino. It was also instrumental, through a collaborative effort of many individuals and organizations, in the reform of the Marine Mammal Protection Act to permit the importation of polar bear trophies.

The activities were led by John J. Jackson, III, a lifetime sportsman with four decades of service and leadership in hunting and fishing conservation organizations. In the 1990s, John, his wife, Chrissie, and a network of volunteers and organizations formalized Conservation Force as a non-profit (501 (c)(3)), public charitable foundation to continue in perpetuity and expand the services and support that the principals had been providing to the hunting-conservation community.

Conservation Force’s work led to the first reform of international and diplomatic policy toward range nation conservation programs under the Endangered Species Act and CITES in a quarter of a century (CITES Trophy and Quota Resolutions at COP9.) It unearthed the inadequacy of the Endangered Species Act provisions for foreign mammals, which are most listed mammals. Today, Conservation Force continues to lead in the development and implementation of ESA reform. Conservation Force maintains its independence and is organized to service the conservation community directly, efficiently, and effectively. Learn more about Conservation Force at

Rowland Ward joins Sports Afield, Fauna & Flora, Ripcord, and Hornady as corporate sponsors of Conservation Force’s invaluable efforts in wildlife conservation.

APHA to auction a Namibian safari with hunting legends Robin Hurt and James Mellon

James Mellon with 1970s ZebraJames Mellon with zebra in Namibia circa 1970.

The African Professional Hunters Association’s mission is to contribute to the conservation of African wildlife and habitat by continuing the critical role played by ethical, responsible, and sustainable hunting, for the benefit of generations to come.

In order for APHA to make a real impact in support of this mission and to counter the onslaught of negative press generated by the anti – hunting lobbyists APHA needs funding. One of our founding members, Mr. Robin Hurt has donated a hunt on his private hunting ranch in Namibia which he will guide personally and in addition the hunt will be co-hosted by the legendary James Melon who authored the wonderful book “African Hunter”.

Share a campfire with African Hunting Legends             




In the world of international hunting, Rowland Ward Ltd. has always been synonymous with sportsmanlike behavior and sound conservation practices. For generations, this venerable company has stood for fair-chase hunting and ethical principles, and in the turbulent world of the twenty-first century, we are more determined than ever to continue to be a beacon of true conservation and fair-chase hunting.

The Professional Hunters’ Association of South Africa (PHASA) recently passed a resolution condoning hunts for captive-bred lions, a reversal of its previous position. Rowland Ward Ltd. is extremely disappointed by this decision, and in light of it, we have ended our association with PHASA.

As hunters, we must actively seek the best possible image for our sport, and we must always act in a manner that will further the principles of sound conservation and embody the finest traditions of sportsmanlike behavior. We believe the recent decision by PHASA does none of these things, and hence Rowland Ward Ltd. will no longer be associated with the organization.