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Rowland Ward Mission Statement
and Its Sponsors

In 1870 when Rowland Ward Ltd. was first founded in Piccadilly, London, hunting in Africa and Asia was for the “billionaires” of their day.  In that far-off time, hunters like Prince Anatole Demidoff and Count Joseph Potocki would take five- to nine-months-long hunting trips after exotic animals found thousands of miles from their homes. They would walk for weeks on end, searching for the perfect trophy.  All hunts were on foot or on horseback, and all hunts were fair chase. These hunters embodied the best tradition of sportsmanlike behavior.

There can be no doubt that today, in this modern era, the world’s wilderness areas and its wild inhabitants are under unprecedented pressure from a world dominated by humans.  Hunters play an absolutely vital, and often completely misunderstood role, in the preservation of habitat and species, whether they be game animals or otherwise.  To fulfill that role, it is crucial for hunters to ensure the survival of hunting, not only for conservation purposes but also so that we can pass our traditions on to the generations that will follow us.  Without a doubt, for hunting to endure, we need to promote fair-chase, sportsmanlike conduct similar to the standard exhibited by the hunters of the Victorian era.

As hunters we must actively seek the best possible image for our sport, and we must always act in a manner that will further the principles of sound conservation. These include the protection of habitat and the promotion of an understanding between the local indigenous people and the animals and fauna with whom they live in proximity.  Encouraging our fellow hunters to behave in a similar manner will go a long way in burnishing the image of big-game hunting.

In this world of international big-game hunting, one name shines like a beacon of traditional sportsmanlike behavior and sound conservation practices:  the venerable Rowland Ward Ltd.  It was to Rowland Ward that Prince Demidoff, Count Potocki, King George V, Theodore Roosevelt, and the other titans of the Victorian/Edwardian hunting eras entrusted their special, one-of-a kind trophies. Just as these hunters embodied the spirit of sportsmanlike behavior, so, too, has Rowland Ward Ltd. always exemplified the best traditions in the hunting industry.  This long, rich, and storied company has always stood for fair-chase hunting and sound ethical principles, and now headquartered in the USA, Rowland Ward Ltd. is more determined than ever to be a beacon of conservation and of fair-chase hunting.

Rowland Ward Sponsors

In keeping with its history of maintaining the highest standards in the hunting industry, Rowland Ward Ltd. accepts as sponsors those individuals and companies that also espouse the principles set forth in this mission statement. Our sponsors support fair-chase, ethical hunting and conservation. They exemplify the best traditions in the hunting industry.

Rowland Ward offers three levels of sponsorship: gold, silver, and bronze.  Each is defined below:

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If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact James Reed at jreed@sportsafield.com or 208-520-1600.