Volker Grellmann CV

Volker Glrellmann (2)
Date of Birth
: 19th June, 1942          Birthplace: Wittenberg-Germany
Resident In Namibia: since 1952      Namibian Citizenship: since 19th February, 1993
Marital Status: Married since 1966 to Anke (born Hinsch, Hamburg Germany)
Children: Two sons – Michael-Roger & Robert-Helmut (born & raised in Namibia).
Grandfather: to Shannon Kayla Paul & Brandon & Anandi (born & raised in Namibia)
Education: Matriculated at the WHS. Followed by 3 years of studying High Fashion Design/Advertising in Munich/Germany
ANVO “Conservation through selective Hunting” started in 1968 as a Hunting Consultancy/Agency (Farm Hunts) for overseas clientele. ANVO-the Name: is derived from ANke + VOlker

ACTIVITIES and POSITIONS in the following organizations (past and *present)
M D 1974 SWA Safaris & ANVO (Pty) Ltd
Proprietor * since 1970 ANVO HUNTING SAFARIS
Proprietor since 1970 ERHS – “Eagle Rock” Hunting School
Proprietor * since 2000 ERPHAN – “Eagle Rock” Prof. Hunting Academy-Namibia
Founding Member * 1974 NAPHA (Namibian Professional Hunting Association)
Founding Member * APHA – African Professional Hunters Association (SWAPH+G)
Founding Member * CANAM – Conservancy Association Namibia (BOD)
Founding Member FENATA – (Federation of Namibian Tourism Association)
Founding Member * NATH – (Namibian Academy/Training in Hospitality)
Founding Member 1980 NGC – (SWA National Game Committee)
Founding Member * NAMATANGA Conservancy
OMBUDSMAN * since 2000 NAPHA (Namibian Professional Hunting Association)
Chairman 1978-1984 DAMARALAND Safaris
Chairman 2006-2012 NAMATANGA Conservancy
Chairman * since 2007 NATH – (Namibian Academy/Training in Hospitality)
Member – Hon.Life * NAPHA – Namibian Professional Hunting Association
Member-Life * APHA – African Professional Hunters Association
Member-Life * IPHA – International Professional Hunters Association.
Member-Life * SCI – Safari Club International
Memberships-Board Safaricare-Big Game Com. – Ethics Com. etc.
Memberships-Others DSC- HSC – Game Coin International – PHASA
Past President 1983-1991 NAPHA (Namibian Professional Hunting Association)
Past President SCI – Safari Club Namibian Chapter
Past President 1997 SCI – Safari Club Africa Chapter
Vice President 1989-1990 NGC – (National Game Committee of Namibia)
Vice President 1992-1997 FENATA – (Federation of Namibian Tourism Association)
Vice President (Snr.) IPHA – International Professional Hunters Association
Game Warden Hon., 1975-1990 SWA Nature Conservation
Advisor 1992-1998 KXOE’s Chief’s Council–appointed-Western Caprivi
Master Measurer * since 1992 SCI- appointed
Measurer * since 1979 ROWLAND WARD-appointed
Recipient 1995 SCI– Outstanding International Hunters Award
Recipient 1995 IPHA– Recognition Award
Recipient 1997 SCI– Presidents Award
Recipient 2005 NAPHA – Conservation Award
Recipient 2006 CCF – Cheetah Conservation Award

Active in various other areas and levels – environmental and national planning-tourism strategies & policies, marketing, educational training – communal areas & indigenous people’s development and human rights issues.